Down Sizing, Destashing at Precious Wreckage

Photo Credits - GBZ

It's amazing how large one's collection of art materials (and other items) becomes over the length of a lifetime.  Along the way, I've found little wonders here and there that were just 'must haves' for present and future projects.  Unfortunately, it all becomes too much and needs an unsentimental hand to cut the clutter.

In recent years, I've begun an expedition toward a more simplified, zen lifestyle. Perhaps, it's an age/life phase occurrence, but there comes a point where amassing possessions loses all meaning and the boxes and bins of once treasured and "needed" stuff is simply a hindrance.  

In an effort to disencumber and free myself from the weight of too much....I'm offering for sale, boatloads of art making materials, vintage housewares and decor items through this online store, Precious Wreckage @ Etsy.

My downsizing is your gain......  

However old habits die hard - lol!  I still search through vintage and thrift stores and attend the occasional estate sale, where I pick up select treasures to post in the above store. Although I desire a "life simple", I avidly dislike seeing the useful be tossed into garbage dumps or go to waste.  Recycling, upcycling, repurposing,  simply saving pieces of our human history continues to be important to me.  

If you love vintage or make jewelry, this is a must see.....happy shopping to you!
Go check out Precious Wreckage and share in my treasure hunt and downsizing!


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