Introducing!! Noir Fumes for the Vamp in You.

Noir Perfumes!! Come experience the magic of dark, decadent perfumes. 

Delightfully scentual and sexy.....a trip on rails to the other side of love.  My aromatic eccentricities are now yours for the having - possess the wonder of perfume Noir creations.

Noir Perfumes have a proclivity toward the darkly romantic.  They are natural, botanical 'fumes'. Scentual items handcrafted with the finest essential oils, resinous materials, absolutes, wildcrafted plant tinctures and other earth naturals. All hand blended by the artists in a small artisan perfumery where you'll find perfume limited edition and signature scents custom designed only for you. 

Noir Fumes offers a steamy, sexy, vamped up arsenal of womanly and male body scents. All fresh, all natural botanical perfumes and body scents. We're all about expanding your scentual pleasures.  Visit my online store to pick out your sweetly sexed up juicy fume:

Ink - Power Male Fume
Acid - Female Potion Fume
Fleshpot - Decadent Perfume
Ringmaster - Male Body Fume
Fatale - Perfume Seduction
Tease - Playful Decadent Fume
Wire - Masculine Scent Fume
Possessed - UnNatural Dark Perfume

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