An Introduction

I've been a herbal garden mama for a very long time. I bought one of the first printings of Rodale's Herb Book (Yup!  This will date me - lol) and applied it's wisdom to tending all my herb babies.  My interest in gardening in general and herbs slowly evolved into a love affair with capturing the scents of the garden.  For a number of years, I've been a closet perfumer, tincturing any and every growing thing, plus some inanimate things. Slowly I've worked my way through a hands on knowledge of the various perfume materials, essential oils and such.  Enfleuraging to capture the scent of my garden flowers has been a joy.

Finally, I've stepped out of the smelly closet to begin to offer my all natural perfumes blends publically.  Check out our new perfume website where you may find news of our perfumery adventures and new scent releases as they are available.  Don't miss our perfumery blog - this is where much of the day to day action will be posted.

Choco Samba - chocolate, coffee, men.....all are better when rich!


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