Customer Spotlight

From time to time, our customers share photos of their purchases from Tattered Rouge.  Today, we bring to you images from Stacy D'Andre.  She wore our black sequin beret as part of her skate costume in the Adult ISI Championships in Las Vegas 2010.  She skated to the music, "Hey, Big Spender" and told us, it was super fun.

Thanks Stacy!  Luv your costume and look at that adorable smile.  Great photos!



Homage to The Black Swan

Sex, Obsession, Ballet, Twisted Fairytale

What more could a girl want - lol?   After viewing the trailer for this movie, I'm left with the understanding that this is not a fairytale for children.  This twisty allegory about transformation is a dark cautionary tale of "be careful of what you desire".  Created for adults, this movie is more in keeping with the terrifying tales of the Brothers Grimm (which probably should never be read to children).  It's the dark, disturbing counterpoint to our beloved, white feathered maiden, the Queen of Swan Lake. 

It's not often that I am mad with anticipation to see a movie...the usual fare of Hollywood Happy Meals nauseates.  In the case of Black Swan, waiting another week to see this movie is cutting crossly into my mental functioning.  My little inner ballerina (who actually owns a pair of satin ribboned black toe shoes) is acting out...incessantly, loudly pounding against the floors in her en pointe toe blocks. 

To calm myself and temper my 'waiting some more' disappointment, I turn to hand sewing today which usually has a centering effect.  I reach back to comforting childhood memories of the women in my family gathering each evening to talk quietly and sew.  Didn't see this coming, but was it a surprise?  no.........    What began life yesterday, as a simple little black on black frou-frou cuff became today an elegant homage to a Black Swan ballerina queen.  As per usual, my artistic output is a divining rod interpreting the heart of my matter. 


Cloud Parfum

                                                                            Photo Credit - GBZ

          .....ascending to the clouds, taking in their vapours as your own.  Cloud Parfum

A floating dream world where soaring aloft is possible, in a timeless poise of held breath and shivering child-like emotional intensity. Ever so delicate...this perfume drifts cloud-like across your skin, invoking an unbearable lightness.....

White rose touched by violet and green leaf, surrounded by soft citrus, gathering to the rarified, finely drawn aromatic, boronia.

Our newest perfume release, available at Exotica Perfumery.


Introducing!! Noir Fumes for the Vamp in You.

Noir Perfumes!! Come experience the magic of dark, decadent perfumes. 

Delightfully scentual and sexy.....a trip on rails to the other side of love.  My aromatic eccentricities are now yours for the having - possess the wonder of perfume Noir creations.

Noir Perfumes have a proclivity toward the darkly romantic.  They are natural, botanical 'fumes'. Scentual items handcrafted with the finest essential oils, resinous materials, absolutes, wildcrafted plant tinctures and other earth naturals. All hand blended by the artists in a small artisan perfumery where you'll find perfume limited edition and signature scents custom designed only for you. 

Noir Fumes offers a steamy, sexy, vamped up arsenal of womanly and male body scents. All fresh, all natural botanical perfumes and body scents. We're all about expanding your scentual pleasures.  Visit my online store to pick out your sweetly sexed up juicy fume:

Ink - Power Male Fume
Acid - Female Potion Fume
Fleshpot - Decadent Perfume
Ringmaster - Male Body Fume
Fatale - Perfume Seduction
Tease - Playful Decadent Fume
Wire - Masculine Scent Fume
Possessed - UnNatural Dark Perfume


Gypsy Life

Our adventure has begun...we are now officially nomadic!  We've embarked on an off the hook - life on the road expedition.

If you wondered where I've been lately and why there's been no new postings to this blog, I've been downsizing/packing up our joint household accumulation of too many years.  OMG and OW!!   Never, never again, do I want to have to wade through this several months long task! 

We've donated to charity, given to likely needfuls, shared with friends, gifted our lovely helpful neighbors, thrown out and finally successfully downsized the collected debris of our life.   Into storage have gone the keepers and our daily lifestyle has become a lightly balanced, streamlined zen existance.  The most amazing observation?  To date, we don't miss even one shred of what has been saved to storage (well....except maybe my baby grand piano).  However, le grand babe cannot come along on our present travels.  There will plenty of time for her when we are no longer road warrior travelers.   ...and we miss our dishwasher - even with only two plates, two cups and so on - dishwashing is still a blah chore.   

Tired of the stagnant status quo, disillusioned by the damage to our smalltown arts community, executed by self important local politicos (whom, of course, when they read this will turn our words into one more useful diatribe of verbal garbage).   .....and ready for personal change, we made the decision to accomplish a major lifestyle overhaul.

For years, we've casually wondered if we could make a life on the road as full-time RV-ers, combining our mutual wanderlusties with our professions of art making and classic car love.   I'm delighted to report that we've leveraged Brad's biz (classic auto restoration) into an over the road - on site with his clients undertaking and of course, our online arts biz can travel anywhere - as long as we have access to the internets and shipping points.  

Our first stopping place is the southland of ancient magnolias, crepe myrtle, rampant kudzu and fresh foods farmer's markets found along roadsides and in almost every little town.  Local culture and dialect are beginning to work their magic on us.  "Yessir" and "Yes'm" are beginning to fall like honeyed buttercakes out of our mouths.   What a refreshing change to experience the genteel southern society we've heard about all our lives.  Their legendary southern hospitality and good manners are alive and well!

Today brings week number two of a Studebaker Avanti teardown - the first phase in a complete body off - frame up restoration job.  In between attending to the tasks of our online businesses, I run car parts, hold and hand off tools where needed, bring drinking fluids and arrange lunches as Brad disassembles the car.   

Now that we've landed for awhile and are mostly settled in, I'm beginning to mentally restructure the future face and shape of our online selling presence.  Just over the horizon, a new line of be-jeweled silver jewelry is winking at and beckoning to me and a luscious line of new couture apparel/accessories are waiting in the wings to take shape.  

Stay tuned to our travel saga, as we bring new art work and news of our adventures to you from our various ports of call across the country!


A Spring Beauty

(Photo Credit - GBZ - All Rights Reserved)Wisteria Glamour

An Introduction

I've been a herbal garden mama for a very long time. I bought one of the first printings of Rodale's Herb Book (Yup!  This will date me - lol) and applied it's wisdom to tending all my herb babies.  My interest in gardening in general and herbs slowly evolved into a love affair with capturing the scents of the garden.  For a number of years, I've been a closet perfumer, tincturing any and every growing thing, plus some inanimate things. Slowly I've worked my way through a hands on knowledge of the various perfume materials, essential oils and such.  Enfleuraging to capture the scent of my garden flowers has been a joy.

Finally, I've stepped out of the smelly closet to begin to offer my all natural perfumes blends publically.  Check out our new perfume website where you may find news of our perfumery adventures and new scent releases as they are available.  Don't miss our perfumery blog - this is where much of the day to day action will be posted.

Choco Samba - chocolate, coffee, men.....all are better when rich!



Thank You ALICE Magazine

Alice Magazine, a UK based publication has honored us today by naming Tattered Rouge - Blog of the Day. WOW!!!

So awesome and a big thank you to Kathleen Opium and co.... We luv you!!


Alice's Tea Gown

It's Alice Through the Looking Glass Time and I'm not immune to the Alice mania-rave. With great anticipation, I look forward to Tim Burton's upcoming movie release, his adaptation of our beloved Alice. Super talented Burton never fails to inspire...his productions deliver the goods. His movies open up our imaginations to his fantasy filled, tweaky visual world. One has only to see a snippet of his movie trailers, to see Burton's visual stamp - no one else crafts a movie style or script quite like him.

This gown has sold!
Alice, the story was written and originally copyrighted in 1865 by English author, the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (he was also a mathematician at Christ Church, England). He penned his story under the pseudonym, Lewis Carroll. At it's debut, Alice was a sensation, quickly sold out and was/is loved by children and adults, alike. This book has remained so popular, worldwide, that it's never been out of print. Two of the original printing readers were a delighted Queen Victoria and a young Oscar Wilde.

So, Alice, it is! On May 5th, you'll find me in a darkened theatre, eyes glued to an immense full color screen, listening to Dolby stero surrond sound while my sense are inundated by Tim Burton's movie making magic. Oh, yes...don't forget the 3D glasses. My, oh my, do my artist eyes love the movies!

Meanwhile, to take the edge off the movie debut wait, my imaginings have been whipped into a whirl of creativity. How about this little froth of a slip dress - my Alice's Tea Gown? A piece designed to make The Queen of Hearts, oh so-o-o-o jealous.

"Off with her head!" ....after all, we're all mad here.