Our Winter Holiday Collection

Photo Credit - GBZ
Debut date is October, kiddos.

Mark your calendars and come round for a visit.

You'll find wonderful and glamorous in our stores!

Sparkle Rocks - Art Jewelry

Sinfully Decadent Accessories
Elegant Party Couture

Photo Credit - GBZ
This year we are releasing a limited edition Couture Perfume
with our Winter Holiday Collection.

le enchantement
Perfume Oil

Hand blended with all natural essential oils, botanic tinctures and jojoba oil.
(You will never find synthetic scent chemicals in our perfumes.)
Perfume oils are long lasting and so smoothing good for your skin.
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Our Holiday Collections are all about glamour, sparkle and shine. We're shimmering with loveliness! Your holiday wearables and gifts do not have to be boring. They also don't have to be bought at a discount store.

Because of tight personal and gift shopping budgets, we've decided to offer as a part of our regular holiday collection, a special collection of very affordable trinkets, treasures and wearable beauties.

Everything in this collection is priced at $50 and under, with many pieces falling in the $25 range. Very affordable designer items - quite unique, all hand created in the seasonable hot, haute fashion colors! Let us help you trounce your Christmas shopping 'light in the pocket book' dilemma.

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