Flourish - Client Highlights

We're delighted to bring to you our first client highlight featuring Dev, who's shown wearing our Black Countess Fringe Earrings. Thank you, Dev, you look absolutely stunning in your new earrings.

"What attracted me to these earrings was their design. Lace has historically been an elegant touch for women and to see that could be mixed in with a modern edge is great and definitely a new take on an old tradition.

There is something very glamorous about the shape of the earrings that Gale makes. I wanted to purchase something with modern elegance and also a bit of flair. I tend to go to many gallery openings and receptions and am always looking for accessories that stand out. When I came across these I knew they would be very unique and different from anything anyone else would be wearing. I had to have them!"

"I'm an artist who resides in Baltimore. I constantly attend different functions, gallery exhibitions and openings so its always important for me to look my best. I look for unique little finds like the earrings seen here. I'm also currently a student and do some modeling on the side. I'm always on the move, traveling from coast to coast, seeing what's new in the art scene. During my travels, I collect curiosities."