Floating in a Sea of Crimson Roses

This week my workspace is covered with yardages and cuttings and snippets of rose color fabrics. Pearls, beads and gorgeous silky fiber strands wait in the wings to become added fine adornments for this blossoming swell of crimson fleur. I am surrounded by a floating sea of roses, resplendent as any Princess Briar Rose fairytale love bower.

I find myself in a romance bewitched mood. The shimmering crimson satins and sheer organzas forming into open red roses offer a visual voice of love. Once again, I am seduced by my materials...this particular hue of deep rose red is irresistable, immensely pleasing to my eye. The blue/red color glows, evocative of the life blood coursing through of our body. This color is complete, radiant.

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Scheherezade...most precious pearl of the hareem, storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights, adored Sultane of Persia.

This is her cuff, created in royal colors of purple and gold. Available at le Enchantement.


Bling Find of the Month

For all you Dark Queens...how about this gorgeous tiara? Vintage and unique!, it's either black cut glass beadwork on the wire frame or real jet. It will eventually be up for sale in my Tattered Rouge shop once I've repaired and re-designed it into a very wearable piece.


Under The Influence

She was under the influence... a beautiful, noir, decadent influence. Her expressionist stylings were strange and exotic, original in a fateful way. Her inclinations coalesced, dreamlike within her splendid night on night persona. With sloe eyed allure, she tossed off the judgement of society, resonating only to the call of her exquisite femme fatale mystique. She was under the influence...an irresistible indulgence of sublime dark repletion.

This noir styled piece is created with new and vintage materials. Long tying ribbons allow you to wear this piece as an enticing wrist cuff or at the throat as a glamour jabot. Primarily hand sewn, it is created in black and old gold colors. It's noir vintage charm is paired with a modern fashionista style vibe.
Available at Tattered Rouge