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 Now that our jewelry studio is set up once again, we are making new jewels.  
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Down Sizing, Destashing at Precious Wreckage

Photo Credits - GBZ

It's amazing how large one's collection of art materials (and other items) becomes over the length of a lifetime.  Along the way, I've found little wonders here and there that were just 'must haves' for present and future projects.  Unfortunately, it all becomes too much and needs an unsentimental hand to cut the clutter.

In recent years, I've begun an expedition toward a more simplified, zen lifestyle. Perhaps, it's an age/life phase occurrence, but there comes a point where amassing possessions loses all meaning and the boxes and bins of once treasured and "needed" stuff is simply a hindrance.  

In an effort to disencumber and free myself from the weight of too much....I'm offering for sale, boatloads of art making materials, vintage housewares and decor items through this online store, Precious Wreckage @ Etsy.

My downsizing is your gain......  

However old habits die hard - lol!  I still search through vintage and thrift stores and attend the occasional estate sale, where I pick up select treasures to post in the above store. Although I desire a "life simple", I avidly dislike seeing the useful be tossed into garbage dumps or go to waste.  Recycling, upcycling, repurposing,  simply saving pieces of our human history continues to be important to me.  

If you love vintage or make jewelry, this is a must see.....happy shopping to you!
Go check out Precious Wreckage and share in my treasure hunt and downsizing!



Wedding Style from Atelier Bez

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Jewelry, Lace Accessories, Hair Pieces,
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Sheer, romantic flowers for your special day.


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Riche Perfume Sample Give Away and Review

My recently debuted perfume, Riche' has been reviewed by Monica Miller, the Perfume Pharmer.  What a treat to read her perceptions of this perfume.  Read about it here:

Be sure to leave a comment on Monica's blog post....this will enter you into her drawing for a sample of my Riche' Perfume.


Fine Papers and Fine Perfumes

I love fine art papers almost as much as I love creating natural perfumes!  The materials of these two have intersected as I work on designing packaging for several of my perfumes, including my recently debuted perfume, Riche'.


Get Your Countess On!

While preparing for a power model shoot this coming weekend, waves of inspiration are kicking me into high gear.  Ms. Muse is in dah house..........

New Black Countess earrings available @ Aterlier Bez.
Dramatic, sexy shoulder sweepers.  Spoiler - not demure!


Lily Fleur BabyDoll Wedding Dress

The newest at my Lily Fleur Wedding Style store. The BabyDoll.
Check back to see my wedding dresses as they arrive


Boldini at His Best!

He is an artist who was in demand...his portraits of women were quite fashionable and sensual for the era.  He painted many famous women, among them the fabled Marchesa Luisa Casati.  She was notorious, eccentric and a celebrity, setting trends among the beau monde.  This is Marchesa with her grayhounds.

...and one of my favorites, painted by Giovani Boldini,
La Femme en Rouge.


Armoured Strolling Trousseau and Rocker Glam

A little something I designed and then created with the help of my art partner, Brad-man.  We debuted the above wearable and a shorty punk style metal armour piece at an arts runway show. 
Protective glamour - aluminum body armour. 
The models are my two daughters.  The above pic is my oldest daughter - she not only wore the breastplate with grace...she also walked the runway on  5 inch platform boots with an 8ft long aluminum plate train behind her.  You can see the construction in the girdle around her hips.

Our younger daughter wore this tank gurl version of armor.  
She totally rocked it!


Customer Spotlight

From time to time, our customers share photos of their purchases from Tattered Rouge.  Today, we bring to you images from Stacy D'Andre.  She wore our black sequin beret as part of her skate costume in the Adult ISI Championships in Las Vegas 2010.  She skated to the music, "Hey, Big Spender" and told us, it was super fun.

Thanks Stacy!  Luv your costume and look at that adorable smile.  Great photos!



Homage to The Black Swan

Sex, Obsession, Ballet, Twisted Fairytale

What more could a girl want - lol?   After viewing the trailer for this movie, I'm left with the understanding that this is not a fairytale for children.  This twisty allegory about transformation is a dark cautionary tale of "be careful of what you desire".  Created for adults, this movie is more in keeping with the terrifying tales of the Brothers Grimm (which probably should never be read to children).  It's the dark, disturbing counterpoint to our beloved, white feathered maiden, the Queen of Swan Lake. 

It's not often that I am mad with anticipation to see a movie...the usual fare of Hollywood Happy Meals nauseates.  In the case of Black Swan, waiting another week to see this movie is cutting crossly into my mental functioning.  My little inner ballerina (who actually owns a pair of satin ribboned black toe shoes) is acting out...incessantly, loudly pounding against the floors in her en pointe toe blocks. 

To calm myself and temper my 'waiting some more' disappointment, I turn to hand sewing today which usually has a centering effect.  I reach back to comforting childhood memories of the women in my family gathering each evening to talk quietly and sew.  Didn't see this coming, but was it a surprise?  no.........    What began life yesterday, as a simple little black on black frou-frou cuff became today an elegant homage to a Black Swan ballerina queen.  As per usual, my artistic output is a divining rod interpreting the heart of my matter. 


Cloud Parfum

                                                                            Photo Credit - GBZ

          .....ascending to the clouds, taking in their vapours as your own.  Cloud Parfum

A floating dream world where soaring aloft is possible, in a timeless poise of held breath and shivering child-like emotional intensity. Ever so delicate...this perfume drifts cloud-like across your skin, invoking an unbearable lightness.....

White rose touched by violet and green leaf, surrounded by soft citrus, gathering to the rarified, finely drawn aromatic, boronia.

Our newest perfume release, available at Exotica Perfumery.